So fun you forget you are working out

it's a full body workout unlike anything you have ever tried

this combines all my favorite workouts: yoga, dancing and stand-up paddling.


AQUA STAND UP® is a fun fitness program that is safe for all ages. The workout is done in our indoor heated pool with up to 10 participants max. The class utilizes innovative inflatable standup paddle boards and perfect music to get your whole body moving. The program focuses on safe core exercises, balance training and a full body workouts.


AQUA STAND UP® is not only an aquatic training program, it makes fitness fun again. Very efficient for your core and back, AQUA STAND UP® offers many benefits including: weight-loss, muscular conditioning, improvement of endurance and balance, cross training and strengthening of your core. One class can burn up to 650 calories!

How long are AQUA STAND UP® classes?

AQUA STAND UP® is currently offered in 30 min and 45 min increments. Please see class details once you schedule your class.

Who can participate in AQUA STAND UP®?

AQUA STAND UP® is designed for all ages and fitness levels. Classes can be catered or adjusted for most specific needs. The class is offered in our 25 yard lap pool so please be prepared to swim. Have an injury that you believe may affect your class? Please let us know immediately so we can modify your workout. A doctor's recommendation is strongly suggested to participate in any water-based fitness program.

How to book your AQUA STAND UP® class?

AQUA STAND UP® is by appointment only:

Cancellation Policy:

Once a class is scheduled, please cancel your class within 24 hours prior to the class to get a full refund. Refunds are not given within 24 hours of the class unless extenuating circumstances exist. Please contact us if you have any questions.

AQUA STAND UP® class fees:

1 class = $22

3 classes = $60

5 classes = $90

10 classes = $160

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